What is FMA and who uses it?

Is your international Matchmaker for professional Artists, Film, TV and Production crew.

We connect (autonomous) artists, musicians, production tv and video, film crew and customer (business, industry and private).

In addition, our primary goal is to increase the visibility of every FMA member by means of a free personal profile, so there is a significantly greater chance of being found by private / corporate clients, (casting) agencies, agents, production companies and more. If desired, we provide concrete assignments for the business, artistic and private markets.


Of course the pro can be booked directly. But as a  customer, you can also hire FMA to help or arrange everything from ‘application to successful execution’. FMA is very well aware of what every FMA professional has to offer, resulting in the right match! In addition, she has over thirty five years of experience in theater, film and TV as well as a large business network from SMEs to corporate business.

Thanks to this extensive experience, personal approach and enormous network, the FMA really makes a difference in practice to connect both the business and the artistic world and offer the right professional (s). A personal approach, a listening ear and going the extra mile are deeply rooted in our minds.

Simple, go to Sign Up at the top right of the menu and fill in all your specific details, and add nice pics and up to 6 videos, 6 audio clips and your stunning showreel. After approval you will receive an email. From then on you can log in 24/7 and you have your own pro user dashboard at your disposal.

Becoming a full pro cost you only 9,95 per month.

Because we want to keep the quality of the performing arts as high as possible and distinguish ourselves by only offering professionals who are trying to make a living a place on our site.

Go to Sign Up at the top right of the menu and after you have logged in, you will see Edit your page. Here you can change or add info.

It is important to know that your THUMBNAIL photo will also be shown large on the right side of your profile page. So be sure it is a stunning portrait and at least 500 kb. The size for large photos is maximum 1024 x 1024 

Yes, that’s possible. Simply fill in a new profile via ‘Artist entrance ‘. Please note: of course it makes no sense to enter the same information twice, because you can also add several categories to your profile. It makes sense when you want to register with your band or crew as a whole. TIP: Remember your usernames and passwords.

It is very important that you understand that we promote our platform and all FMA PRO members on social media and use their photo to promote them on Insta, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook. In addition, every show / demo will be shown on our personal youtube channel in due course. As for using photos, we always check if we can use a particular photo and always add the photographer’s name.

Yes, since we introduced a FULL PRO membership, you can. 

Go to the ‘Sign Up’ and log in with your username and password, scroll down to the bottom part of the page and click on the button, “delete my profile”. Or send an email to info@findmyartist.org and we will unsubscribe you. Whatever reason you have for deleting your profile, remember that you are always welcome to come back!

FMA is an international community, so in time you can find a pro artist or crew member in your own country, but if needed you can hire them also abroad. For example, we already did some great work in Germany and The United Kingdom with several role play actors who are native speakers. So, need a professional abroad? Call or mail us and we will get the job done! 

 There are no concessions when it comes to professionalism. But we do take into account any artist or crew member without specific or targeted training, simply because there is none. Or you have such a impressive curriculum or talent, and we  feel that we can do something for each other, we would like to promote and welcome you.

If a client hires FMA to search for a specific pro to get a job done, we always search for the best pro available. 

Let us know what you want and we can talk. Please mail us via: info@findmyartist.org

No, that’s against our policy. 

If you thin we can coorperate Send your proposal to: info@findmyartist.org

Of course, that is part of our Client Service. We are more than happy to advise you and  think along.

FindMyArtist find it very important that personal data is handled with care. Because we request personal information from you by means of a contact form we are morally and legally obliged to have an SSL secured website. As a website owner you also take the safety of your visitors seriously and you want your website to be easy to find. As soon as you ask for an e-mail address or other personal information from site visitors, this SSL certificate is mandatory. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It ensures that the connection between the browser of your website visitors and the server on which your website runs is secure. As a result, the data that the website visitor leaves is not visible to third parties. You can recognize a website with SSL by the “https” (the “s” stands for secure) instead of “http” in the URL and the lock in the address bar. We therefore strongly recommend that you never leave personal information on a website that does not have an SSL certificate. We also work with re-captcha. 

All prices stated on this website by the pro’s, are all ‘from’ prices, and without travel costs, 9% VAT (Netherlands) and any other additional expenses.

We want to help as many professionals as possible to get more work. That is why we have chosen the English language. We will, however, make the website bilingual in the very near future, Dutch and English. You can then very easily choose your preferred language by clicking on the appropriate flag.

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