If you want to know our story, you’re in the right place. 

Our story


Because there are so many stories to tell..FMA was founded out of great passion to all art and creative people, trying to make a living in the performing arts, music and film industry. Partly due to the cutbacks in recent years in our industry and of course the unmistakable Covid-19 period in which many professionals had to take hard blows, and still do, we believe it is our task to support this passionate and very talented group more powerfully than ever. In addition, we believe in the power and positivity of creativity, passion and talent in any form. There are so many stories to tell. 

High quality To ensure that we offer high quality, we only work with dedicated, talented and passionate professionals. We know all our pros, therefore we know exactly what they offer and how experienced they are. What their special skills are and what they excel at, and that’s a very big advantage for both pro and customer.

What is our goal? FMA wants to make the search and booking process of live entertainment and film, video and acting professionals much more easy and transparent due to combining those professionals. 

Search, click and get the job done! Supply and demand are brought together by FMA.

What do we do? FMA offers professionals in the field of entertainment, film/video and acting. We have over 35 years of experience and provide very experienced film/video crew, voice, role play actors and much more..

Some clients We have experience in the field of healthcare, fishery, corporate business, small business, accountancy, banks, law, legal profession, various ministries, fiod interrogation techniques and much more. 

Who wants to join FMA?

  • musicians, actors, voice actors, role play actors, film/video production crew, DJ’s.
  • who doesn’t have their own website, but still want to be found,
  • Or have their own website and want much more exposure, 
  • who wants to expand their artistic and business network exponentially,
  • who wants to get much more exposure on a global scale,
  • who wants to join an every day growing network,
  • who want to help themselves and others due their performances, 
  • Who want to increase their chance of concrete jobs,
  • Who want to be found much more easily, als due to our monthly send newsletter,
  • who wants to make the world more beautiful with their wonderful talents.


What do we solve? TIME! And therefore money.

If a client is searching for a professional, we provide!

Note: we know a lot more pro’s than yet visible on our site.

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