Booking proces

Working with an FMA member, means working with a high quality pro!

All our customers love to work with FMA professionals because they are all passionate, talented and dedicated pros. The FMA standard is high and stands for quality, reliability and professionalism. Most of our pros are very experienced, but you will also be able to find young highly qualified pros.

This is how it works Simply search and click on your favorite pro and enter your preferred date and time request and fill in other requirements that the pro must meet. You can search on name, in categories, by FMA exclusive members, but also on preferred language and star rating. 

The FMA pro will react Our members respond fairly quickly to a request: usually within 4 hours, but at the latest within 24 hours. You will communicate 1 on 1 with the pro.

The FMA member can:

*rejects a request

**or sends a proposal

*Artist rejects a request 

If for any reason the artist is unable or unwilling to accept the job, the pro will notify you a soon as possible.

**Artist sends proposal 

If the artist has received all the important info from you and is interested, he/she will send a proposal. Are you satisfied with the proposal, than finalize the booking! 

Need help to find the right pro? No worries, just send your request via the contact form or please email us via and we will help you the find the right pro for the job!

Need more pros? When you need more pros, such as a film/video crew, or several (role play) actors, a band or pro’s for a streaming event, call us and we’ll get the job done.  

Do you have a urgent job or request? Call or Whatsapp +31 621430764 and we wil do our utmost best to help you!

All the artists in our network  Not everyone in our network is already listed on our platform. So, it is very important to know, that our network is much bigger then visible today on our platform. So, if you cannot find your perfect match, please contact us and we will help you to get the job done!

FMA Exclusive Members When you choose to work with a FMA Exclusive Member, it means that all communication, negotiations and the agreements will take place via FMA.

Search, click and get the job done!

Although situated in the land of the windmills, millions of flowers and Amsterdam, we serve the world!

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