Why FindMyArtist?

Are you looking for  professionals?  You’ve come to the right place!

Why you should work with FMA. 

  • FMA has over thirty five years of experience in acting and film, 
  • FMA has great expertise in very different sectors with role play acting,
  • our role play actors are also multilingual and some have international experience,
  • We have native speakers, 
  • FMA has very talented and all kind off passionate musicians and bands, 
  • FMA knows all its members, so we are perfectly able to offer you the right pro,
  • all our members stand for passion, talent, quality & professionalism,
  • you can find very experienced seniors but also highly qualified young professionals,
  • we have a very large artistic network with professionals, so we always deliver, no matter what you ask, 
  • for film, we deliver a single pro or if desired a whole crew; scriptwriters, camera pro’s, make up artists, sound recordists, gaffers, editors, directors and more..
  • FMA has simply everything under one roof!


Our expertise in film/video

  • E-learning video’s
  • Information video’s  
  • Company movies
  • Event promo’s
  • Online broadcasting
  • Scriptwriting
  • Directing
  • Sound
  • Editing
  • Light (Gaffer)


Our expertise in acting

  • Camera acting
  • Role play
  • Voice acting
  • Regietheater acting
  • Undercover
  • Online acting


Entertainment for your business

  • We provide all kind of talented and passionate singers, musicians and bands,
  • Dj’s,
  • Presenters,
  • Chairman of the day.



If you have special wishes or want a certain celebrity or something special, simply call us and we wil get the job done! 

Want us to arrange everything for you? 

Do you need our experience and expertise?

Please contact us via the contact form or email info@findmyartist.org

Or call +310621430764