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About Ambrosia a cappella

A highly experienced a cappella group of six musicians who are passionate about singing and longing for quality. With a background as a vocalist, conductor or composer, each member of the group is firmly rooted in music practice. As the singers all bring their own expertise, the result is a sparkling musical mix and exciting vocal craftsmanship that will bring you into a cheerful mood. Get enchanted by the mystical sound palettes, playful improvisations and impressive vocal percussion. Indulge in Ambrosia’s challenging jazz and pop songs with a twist.

What does Ambrosia a cappella offer?

  • Short interludes (10-20 min), e.g. during a dinner or party; nearby the audience in an intimate, flexible setting
  • Longer intermezzo / short performance (30-45 minutes), during a conference or festival (possibly in combination with another act); in a stage setting or on the floor
  • Complete performance (60-90 minutes with intermission), in a small or large stage setting, for instance in a theater or castle hall; an exciting vocal journey with a lot of variety, from duo (with piano) to sextet.

Of course, other (mixing) forms are also negotiable. Ambrosia sings amplified, but depending on the acoustics (like in a castle or a church) and more intimate settings, Ambrosia can also be enjoyed without amplification.

Ambrosia a cappella are: Marko Maresch (bass), Christoph Mac-Carty (baritone), Alfred de Jonge (tenor), Pien Schneider (alto), Elke Jansen (mezzo) and Vera Westera (soprano).

Enjoy the vocal divine food called Ambrosia!

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Dutch, English, German

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FMA exclusive member review

FMA is proud to welcome Ambrosia A capella as an Exclusive Member. FMA watched them perform on the Solala a capella festival in Solingen, Germany and there was no doubt to work together. When FMA first spoke to some of the members of Ambrosia, there was an instant click. We both like the combination of being passionate, professional and have a good laugh. All the six singers are very nice, passionate and professional people. FMA chose to collaborate because we both stand for high quality, passion and when you listen to their voices, you will be amazed how beautiful and clear they sound. So, are you searching for something special, like jazzy pieces or well known pop songs? Search no more and hire Ambrosia A capella.

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